Women in the game of cricket vs baseball

Women have been playing Cricket since 1745 and the first recorded Women’s Cricket Match hosted in England is between Bramley and Hambleton at Godsden Common, Surrey. The following game took place on 1747 at the well-known Artillery Ground between the Charlton, Westdean and Chilgrove Sussex. Ever since, most match was unorganised till the first county match hosted between Surrey and Hampshire at Ball’s Pond, Middlesex in 1811.

The first cricket club for women is the White Heather Club at Yorkshire, which was established in 1887 by eight noble women. In the following decades, after the 1st World War, women became increasingly independent and many girl’s public schools began playing cricket. The Women’s Cricket Association (WCA) was founded in 1926 by a group of female enthusiasts after a cricket holiday in Malvern. The WCA issued MCC laws and ran competing events throughout the country. In the early days of the 20th century, its popularity spread to Australia and the Victoria Women’s Cricket Association was established in 1905 followed by the Australian Women’s Cricket Association which was founded in 1931.

The first recorded female test match was played in December 1934 then female one day matches have been played officially since 1973. There are numerous international competitions between the female team now. Women’s cricket is played in Australia, India, America, Sri Lanka and so on.

Meanwhile, Female Baseball League was not started until 1943, when four baseball teams competed during an 108-game schedule. But at the end of the World War II, the league went through a setback. It folded after 11 sessions leading the league to send a notice that women were not allowed to play baseball and it wasn’t revived till the 1980’s.

International competition in female baseball started with the 2001 Women’s World Series played in Toronto’s Skydome.  The strongest and most organized and most famous women’s baseball leagues are in the United States, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Cuba and Canada.