Types of Cricket

Those who are just beginning to take an interest in cricket soon learn that there are different types of the game. This adds to the excitement of it, as players can decide which kind of cricket they favour the most.


Within the categories for professional cricket, there are several types, such as:

  • Test Matches

Test matches are when the game of cricket is played for up to five days.

  • One-Day Matches

This is a game of cricket which is played in one day with 50 overs per each side.

  • Twenty20 Matches

Similar to one-day matches except that 20 overs per side is played.

  • T10 League matches

Here ten overs per side are played during the game.

  • Super Six

The big difference here is that the two teams are made up of six players each, who compete against each other. There is an allowance of a maximum of five overs bowled by each side.

  • 100 Ball Format

This is about England’s “The Hundred”. It is comprised of one 10 ball and 15 six ball overs.

Indoor Cricket

In some countries or regions, the weather does not cooperate for outdoor cricket play. Then, others simply prefer to play the game indoors. For these reasons, the game has been adjusted to allow for indoor cricket play.

Blind Cricket

There are a lot of blind people who are often deprived of being able to participate in sports. Cricket is not one of them, as the game has been adapted for the blind to be able to play. The game is modified as the ball is a larger version than that which is used in standard cricket, and there are bells within the ball to assist the blind player to detect it.

Amateur or Social Cricket

Aside from the professional game, cricket has been adapted into a variety of different forms to be enjoyed by amateurs.