Top the greatest cricket teams in ICC league

Cricket is a global game which is the most popular in Asian and European nations. By spreading out fast, this sport becomes more favorite by many players, including profession and amateur.

This game expresses the international level under three major formats: tests, ODIs and T20s. in per format, there are a few dominate teams. For example, India is dominating in tests, England in ODIs or Pakistan in T20, so on.

ICC is the highest federation to organize and manage all competitions about cricket. They give points to all teams based on their performances in other formats and achievements in tournaments. In this article, we collect the ranking list of top the greatest cricket teams in ICC league. This statics is useful to understand more information about growth of cricket in the world nowadays.


Ranked the 10th slot in list, Afghanistan is a new nation which registered to ICC in 2001 but they have breakthrough about cricket. Their strength is ODIs format. They have ever appearances in finals of ODI league and even World Cup. Although they have not yet received significant winning, their performance should be highly appreciated. They bring positive energy and emotion for fans. So, spectators feel satisfactory and inspired to see their play.


West Indies is ranked in the 9th slot with their good performance about ODIs. It owns T-Twenty which is marked as the 3rd best team in the world. In addition, they have several talents who are famous in the international tournaments.

Nowadays, the national cricket team is managed by the coach Phil Simmons. He makes strategies to have the most talented all-rounder athletes.

Although this team faced defeats in ODI World Cup in 2015, they are confident to practice and prepare for the next coming league.