Top the greatest cricket teams in ICC league

Cricket is regarded as one of the most favorite team sports in the world. By basic and easy rule, cricket is welcomed by many groups or teams in schools, universities or companies.

If you are a fan of cricket but only watching cricket match, you can follow this article to broaden news about cricket. In this article, we will share top the greatest cricket teams in ICC league. As far as cricket’s fans know, ICC league is the highest competition in the world.


Pakistani nation cricket team is on the 8th of ranking. In their cricket history, they joined 858 matches with about 452 times for winning.

The highest achievement was in World Cup 2012 when they excellently joined finals and won it.


Since 1990s, cricket started to become popular in Bangladesh. In 1986, they were an official member of ICC and then joined international cricket events. The first international match was against Pakistan in Asia Cup 1986.

Now, the national cricket team is under management by Chandika and Hathurusingha who are experienced and talented about cricket.


The national English cricket team has a successful list about cricket. On average, they got 666 ODI matches and won 352 times. This achievement is extremely high to vote for the 6th in T-Twenty matches.


Sri Lanka is also called with nickname as the Lions because of their good performance in cricket ranking.

They started to join international ODI competitions in 1926, then within some years later, they won the first champion in World Cup 1996. The truth that this nation was serious to train and develop cricket professionally and effectively.

The most recent achievement has been to become winner in the World Cup T20 in 2014.