Top Cricket Batting Tips (Part 2)

Cricket Batting Tip No.8. KISS – Keep It Simple Sid !

Don’t forget that the ultimate goal is to score runs, not to get caught up in evaluating your batting technique. You should go through your checkpoints while practicing to ensure your setup position in the crease is good and then concentrate on the job of scoring runs.

Cricket Batting Tip No.9.

Small errors can lead to severe results into your game from poor body position in the crease. So, double check your Setup position: Grip, Stance and Batswing to make sure you are sideways on, balanced and your head is forward, your grip is firm and you can swing easily through the line of the ball.

Don’t forget to practicing your bat swing, visualizing your favourite shots, practicing shadow batting with a smooth easy swing.

Cricket Batting Tip No.10.

Manage your energy and temper at the crease, keep ‘relax – refocus’ so that you preserve your mental energy for batting as your subconscious mind needs a routine to rest on.

Take a step back between balls, breathe in easily to your belly, clear your mind and focus on your grip… then take a step forward, mark your guard and reset your focus and intention to the next ball.

Batting is mostly about managing the space between balls as well as how calm the batters are as facing the next ball, practice quieting your mind and rest your focus on your routine at the crease.

In case a batter struggles with his concentration it impact negatively his judgement of length which then affects his shot selection and batting results. When the brain can’t clearly read where the ball is going to land it makes it impossible to know which shot to choose for the delivery.

What batter should do is to practice consciously watching the ball closely.