Top Cricket Batting Tips (Part 1)

Cricket Batting Tip No.1.

Of all the tips, this is the foremost important but being ignored when a batter is out in the field!

The object of attention must be the ball, player must keep eyes on the cricket ball as if putting a laser beam on it … but they usually lost track and look for the ball … 

As the bowler steps into the crease put your laser beam eyes focus on the ball in the bowlers hand, from there you will get it track all the way.

Cricket Batting Tip No.2.

Set your body slightly forward in your stance and set your Intent to score Positively. Head still. Batting is all about Intention, the goal is to scored, quickly runs off each ball. The only decision you have is to score but not to hit simply put your energy going to the ball.

Cricket Batting Tip No.3.

Focus on space, not at the fielders and being aware of route that you can score runs in.

Cricket Batting Tip No.4.

The journey to a hundred runs is taken as soon as hitting one ball. Take it slow, one thing at a time by setting small goals, controlling your innings and being fully present with each ball.

Cricket Batting Tip No.5.

Know how to get off-strike easily and effectively by minding of where your singles and rotation areas.

Practice this in the nets, over and over again

Cricket Batting Tip No.6.

Play with all your strengths. No matter you are Front foot player or Back foot player … play to it

Cricket Batting Tip No.7.

Loss of form, don’t panic, stay calm, go back to basics.

Write down your game plan, strategy in your mind and structure your innings.

In practice, ask someone to throw to your favourite shot so that you can gain back the feel of playing your number one stroke. Practice hitting it till you master it really well to boost positive chemistry and emotions flowing back into your game