The Complete Guide To Understanding Cricket (part 1)

Cricket is a tough game and if you aren’t familiar with the game, it is hard to understand. There are number of things that seems to be similar to baseball. If you are not accustomed it, you can’t understand who is wining, let alone the complicated things like what strategies the players are pursuing.

In this article, we will help you know the basics which makes you realize that cricket is the best.

How Cricket Is Played

Similar to baseball, there is a batting team and a fielding team, playing on a grass oval ground which is roughly 150 meters long and 130 meters. The pitch is placed in the middle of the, which is a 22-yard-long strip of rock-hard earth covered by very short grass. At each end of the pitch, there are three wooden stakes with two wooden pieces resting on top.

Each team combatting comprises of 11 players. In each set, 11 members of the fielding team take the field, along with two from the batting team, and two umpires. The fielding team ultimate aims are to get the batsmen out, and to limit the number of runs scored by the batsmen. In order to achieve their goal, one member of the fielding team throws the ball at the batsman, who must use a wooden bat to hit the ball around the field, scoring by running or hitting the ball.

Two batsman stand on either end of the pitch, of which, one begins as the ‘striker’ while the other begins as the ‘non-striker’. The roles of other members in the fielding team include one ‘bowler’ delivers the ball to the batsman, one ‘wicket-keeper’ stands behind the batsman to catch the ball if it is not struck by the batsman, and the remaining nine members arrange themselves around the field.

In cricket, the the bowler must deliver the ball to the batsman in a windmill action in order for the ball to bounce on the pitch once before reaching the batsman. However, there are no restrictions on the permitted batting style.

Is it clear for you? We hope, it is. Next week, we will continue to talk about The five common modes of dismissal in playing cricket.