Skills for Cricket

For those people who would like to play the game of cricket, they are often curious as to what skills are going to be needed for them to be a success at this type of sport.

Specific Skills

Players who want to be a good bowler will need to know how to bowl and catch the ball properly.

The game of cricket is comprised of batting and bowling and techniques that will have to be developed to be good at this.

Good hand to eye coordination is something the players need to work on.

Concentration is important, and sometimes this is needed for long periods throughout the gameplay.

Developing the Skills

Not everyone is going to have the skills needed for cricket; therefore, they need to be able to work on them to develop so they can become the best players. There are ways that they can do this through exercises.


A good way to be able to develop better hand and eye coordination, as well as batting techniques, is simply by using a cricket bat and a tennis ball. The individual should stand about 4 m back from a brick or concrete wall. Then hit the tennis ball using the bat and each time it rebounds hit it again.

While doing this, the individual needs to focus on some specific things. The feet should be about shoulder width apart. The bat should be lifted in preparation for hitting the ball. The front of the elbow should be up. The player must hit straight through with no hesitation, so the ball bounces only once before the ball hits the wall.

This exercise should be repeated constantly with the goal of trying to follow through with the process before control is lost. Each time the exercise is conducted, the individual should try and outdo their performance from the previous training.