Simple tips to play cricket well

Cricket is a favorite game to play with a team. It’s great when you can practice your muscles as well health better while you can connect and improve friend relationship better. 

To start this game, you should follow some rules. In general, rules in cricket are basic and simple to follow. Therefore, don’t hesitate to enjoy our instructions about simple tips in cricket before starting this game.

In the following article, we continue to share tips and rules in cricket.

3, How to grip the bat confidently

To express yourself in cricket, gripping the bat is the most necessary skill you need to over, because it will impact on who you are which batsman in cricket.

Through gripping the ball, people can predict whether you are a great batsman or not? 

It’s simple that gripping the ball helps you to make goals correctly. Rarely one batsman has ability in grip ball without kicking it to the hole correctly.

In general, players usually use the V-grip style. This method allows you to play all shots under wicket sides easily. Once players become familiar with the V-grip, they can dominate and handle ball more correctly because they can see the full sides of a bat as well process detail of bat to ball conveniently.

Assure that players feel more confidently for performance when they handle a bat in their control.

4, Choose a good position to pick up ball

Moving to other position should be flexible with movement of ball. 

Only when players choose a proper position to adopt it, they can create a wide of shots to make scores conveniently.

Because a good position allows them to run and receive ball correctly. Furthermore, it becomes more suitable than your body part. Finally, action is to score a goal exactly.