Major types of cricket match

Cricket is a team sport which is popular and favorited by many people in the world. There are many international competitions held annually like the Olympics, ICC World Cup.

In per tournament, people organize series of matches with many formats.

In this article, we share some major types of cricket match in the international level, including: test matches, one-day internationals and twenty 20 internationals.

In general, all formats in cricket are under approval and management by the International cricket council from the rules, regulations to content of per season. 

Firstly, discussion test matches:

Test cricket is considered as the most traditional format played since 1877 and renewed many versions.

Nowadays, one test cricket is prolonged five days, per day has two innings. It is highly appreciated the most because it has a longer time to test endurance, technique or connection of per team under different conditions about time, weather. Therefore, all cricket team considers test cricket as the highest target to conquer.

Annually, ICC has appreciated per team through the MRF test match ranking. Any team is on top 3, they will receive a cash prize from ICC.

Secondly, discussion One Day Internationals

It is also known as ODIs played since 1971 and is popular nowadays.

In per match, there are innings with 50 overs per side. This format requires per team to improve technique, speed and connection skills to do well.

The highest event of ODIs is the ICC cricket world cup, held every four years for the women and men team.

Thirdly, discussion Twenty20 Internationals

It is the newest format of cricket. It has also the shortest time. On average per match has about three hours.

This format is trigged new skill and innovation with great hitting.

Due to modern and young feature, it’s hugely popular with many spectators as well player.