How to play cricket game for beginner

Cricket is a teamwork sport, so it is chosen to be played in groups and teams. This sport is useful to practice the whole body workout effectively.

If you are interested in playing cricket, let see our article. We share basic information about the rules, regulation and accessory you need to prepare then can start this game.

Firstly, to start cricket game, you need to have basic equipment as followings: cricket bat, a cricket ball, several stumps and the pitch.

Cricket bats are sticks which is specially designed and used to hit cricket ball and make score. In the rule, this bat is shorter than 38 inches in length and 4.5 inches in width. Its weight can be around 1kg to 2.5 kg. Players can choose other weight of cricket bats. It depends on other favorite. However, as a recommendation for new player, you should use a light bat to handle easily. On average, people prefer weight of bat about 1.5 kg.

Cricket ball is a round shape in red or white color and made from leather. As normal, a red ball usually is used for the matches in day or longer time while a white ball is used in a shorter time or in night matches.

For a new comer, you shouldn’t use a cricket ball in the first game. It’s heavy and difficult to arrange by cricket bat. Someone uses a tennis ball to adapt this game easily. Or some people choose a rubber ball. It’s better to start this game with adjusting movement from sticks smoothly. It helps you to make score more accurately.

After that, you are familiar with this weight of ball, you can try a real cricket ball later. Sure that you feel comfortable with this game in a higher level.