How to play cricket game for beginner

Cricket is a pastime watched and loved by millions of people in all ages all over the world. Because this game is fun and good for health, it is encouraged to play in school as a part of physical education subject.

If you tend to meet more friends in a teamwork activity, or make laugh and get active, cricket should be a good choice. In this article, we continue to share instructions to play this game fluently and simply for beginner.

In the last article, we introduce meanings and how to use cricket ball and bat. Now, let it go to other accessories and rules.

Stumps in cricket

Stumps are made from wood then beaten into the ground firmly. It will be formed a wicket and placed on 2 opposite sides of pitch.

In the rule of cricket, stumps is short or equal to 28 inches in height and 9 inches in width. You also use other stick or lumber to replace pro stumps as long as it can create a wicket, then you can start this game.

There are 2 team split clear functions in pitch: one fielding team and one batting team. While the fielding team will try to bowl and prevent the remain to make score. Depending on rule of one cricket game, it requires limit number of overs. It can be 90, 50 or 20 overs. So, it means the fielding team only allows to bowl this number.

When you play as a bowler, you have to do some technique to get wickets the most. Or another way that you will get out the batsman. Actually, it requires many skills to complete this job well.

This means that your job is to get the batsman out. There are several ways a batsman can be out, which will be discussed further below.

When you are a beginner, you should start with 20-30 overs. It’s easy to follow for a good starting point. You also focus this game within 30 minutes to keep energy for the next time. Or should try all position such as batting and bowling to find the best strength.