History of Cricket

There are some sports where it’s very difficult to trace back their beginnings. This is not the case with cricket as it goes back to the 16th century. It is a sport that was born in the southeastern part of England. It became so popular that it eventually became the national sport for the country. It has grown in popularity where it has spread out to become a sport that is enjoyed in many other countries. It became an international sport back in 1844 when test cricket became well known.


There are many different sports that can be enjoyed by spectators throughout the world. Association football tops the list for drawing the most attention by spectators, but cricket comes in second which makes it most impressive.

Challenges to the Sport

Although cricket continued to grow from the time it was introduced, it reached a serious crisis in the 18th century. As a result of the Seven Year War, there were not very many major cricket matches to be enjoyed. It survived in this era only to face another crisis at the start of the 19th century again because of the Napoleonic Wars.

Major Changes

By the time the 19th century began, this was a time that some changes were made to the game of cricket where now county clubs were being formed based on this amazing sport. The 19th century ushered in the first modern county club in 1839.

These county clubs added to the prestige of the sport and contributed to its popularity. Throughout its history, there have been different variations of the game of cricket developed. Each of the variations has its own level of popularity.

What makes cricket so intriguing is that it has been developed as a favourite sport by many other countries. Many of the famous cricket players come from all parts of the world.