Cricket’s possible return to the Olympic Games (Part 1)

New sports are typically included in the Olympic Games seven years in advance, and the ICC is advocated for cricket’s inclusion in the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics. However, with the only appearance of cricket in the Olympics dated back to 1900, questions remain as to what the game may look like at future Olympics Games.

Where do we stand at the moment?

There’s an opportunity that cricket, after a 128-year of absence, will be included at the Olympic Games in Los Angeles in 2028. What we know is this: Manu Sawhney, the ICC’s chief executive, informed the MCC’s World Cricket Committee recently that strong progress had been made to ensure the game is included in the global platform that many of its custodians want it to gain – those including, seemingly for the first time, India. Mike Gatting, the WCC chairman, said “it would be fantastic” if it happens.
The question of – why is India important?

Well, India is important when it comes to the world of cricket anyway, but more o
important, the ICC had risked being declared non-compliant by WADA, which would have impacted the cricket’s Olympic participation in the foreseeable future. BCCI’s change their opinion on the subject has cleared that pathway.

The BCCI had been against to come under NADA’s regulation  for several years, consistently claiming that it is an autonomous organisation or a national sports federation. The BCCI’s primary concern with being under NADA was the contentious whereabouts regulation that deals with out-of-competition testing.
If things don’t change, that’s impossible for cricket to be included at the Olympics.

It needs to be mentioned here that the England and Wales Cricket Board, too, had shared their opinions on the matter, that stance had softened in recognition of the development that would be possible were cricket to place itself under the Olympic scope.