Cricket in South Asia

Just like football in Brazil or many other South American countries, cricket, not just a sport, is considered a religion of the majority of Indians, Banglades, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, etc.

Cricket matches are a joy for children. They can be played anywhere, such as at a riverbank near the airport in Dhaka, Bangladesh, in a slum in Colombo, Sri Lanka or on the streets of Srinagar, India. For adults, this is a very attractive sport. They often do not miss any important match.

Even, Hindu monks bring a copy of the World Cup cricket team to the temple in Siddhivinayak, Mumbai to conduct a special prayer ceremony for the Indian team’s victory in February 2011. With a population of nearly 1.2 billion and better economic conditions, India is seen as a new power in the world of cricket.

Indians often gather to watch big live cricket matches like the Sri Lankan match in Colombo. Sri Lanka is considered a cricket nation. This country was a world champion in 1996 and was runner-up in the 2007 tournament. They pray for their team in matches. If they won the match, they would celebrate all over the street.

Because of Cricket’s appeal, players often receive large advertising deals. One of the athletes who have consistently received an advertising contract for the past two years is the captain of the Indian team, Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Recently, on Tuesday, Dhoni signed a $ 6.5 million contract, with the task of image ambassador for telecommunications company Maxx Mobile. Four days earlier, the 29-year-old athlete only agreed a $ 5.7 million contract with United Breweries, the group that owns King Fisher Airlines.

It can be seen that cricket has become an indispensable sport in the spiritual life of South Asian people, from children, adults to the elderly. Even Cricket athletes are able to take the hearts of many fans like famous superstars.