Cricket in Australia: Summer of Amazing Sports Moments

In Australia, summer would not be fun without cricket. Australians play cricket at all picnics. They play on the field, on the beach, on the road, in the park, and on the world’s famous stadiums. Australian cricket teams in wide green hats dominate the television screens of Australians. In Australia, cricket unites all players and fans of all backgrounds.

Not only are Australians obsessed with the cricket from November to February, cricket lovers from around the world avidly watch the tournament in Australia. They follow matches between the Australian team and other top national teams from around the world taking place in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart and Perth. These matches include competitive matches that last from 3 to 5 days.

These are single matches and Twenty 20 series, which means each team plays around and throws 20 rounds. In a typical match, the game starts at 10 am and ends at 6 pm. They can start in the afternoon and end late in the evening.

Other countries that are strong in cricket such as South Africa, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and England are Australia’s favorite opponents in Ashes which is a well-known long-term tournament.

The love of Australians for this sport is evident. Australian cricket heroes include Sir Donald Bradman, Ritchie Benaud, the Chappell brothers, Lillee, Thomo & Max, the Waugh brothers, Shane Warne and Glen McGrath. Cricket created the nation’s heroes and brought the best sports moments to this country.

For newbies, this sport also has its own slang. Watch any match, you’ll hear commentators mention terms like innings and overs, silly mid on, silly mid off, slips, ducks and golden ducks, googlies, fours, sixes, and centuries.

In the summer, Australians often watch cricket matches reported live on television in their homes, pubs and shops. They discussed matches at cafes and bars. Crowds gathered on the streets and into the cricket field. If you’re going to Australia, go watch the cricket matches.