Cricket in Australia: Match-Fixing Allegations

Australian cricket captain Tim Paine said he believed no player in the team was involved in Al Jazeera’s match-fixing allegations.

Al Jazeera’s documentary said that the two unnamed players from the team received money from an Indian crime organization to perform worse than usual. Still not shocked by the previous scandal that caused three famous players to be excluded from international competitions, now Australian cricket has to face with the new accusation of settling the match.

However, Australian cricket captain Tim Paine quickly dismissed the allegations, which were broadcast in an Al Jazeera TV documentary. He said the allegations were baseless and his players had nothing to worry about.

In the documentary, a member of the famous crime gang in India was rattled about bribing players to compete under his own arrangement. Mr. Aneer Munawar said that investors can make a lot of money thanks to actions that he can predict in two important test matches. The first settlement allegedly took place during a mock battle between the Indian and British teams in Chennai in 2016.

The second case between India and Australia took place last year at Ranchi. While the players were not named, Munawar said that two Australian players had slowed down in a match he could confirm, but Tim Paine did not trust this.

England and Wales Cricket Board also sided with their players when they strongly denied the allegations. However, the International Cricket Council must conduct an investigation. In a statement, Cricket Australia’s chief executive James Sutherland said he and the International Cricket Council did not see any reliable evidence that the Australian player was involved in the match-fixing.

While admitting that he did not watch a documentary and could see any of the aforementioned footage, he said the alleged allegations would be taken seriously and fully investigated. Sutherland also called on Al Jazeera TV to hand back the uncut evidence to the International Cricket Council. While the broadcaster did not disclose the names of the players allegedly involved in the case, they were asked to comment but refused to respond.