Cricket Clothing

Cricket, like any sport, demands a specific type of clothing and equipment that is regulated. What a cricket player is allowed to wear will depend on the position that they are playing in the game.


Players have the option of wearing short or long sleeved shirts that have a collar. Most players will make the decision based on the weather.


Usually, the players will wear white pants, but there are often stains seen on the pants as a result of the player polishing the cricket ball.


A jumper is merely a vest that is a woollen pullover that may be worn if the weather is cool.

Abdominal guard

Players will wear this to protect the crotch area.


Players have the option of wearing a cricket, baseball hat or a sun hat.


Cricket players will also wear spiked shoes in order to be able to increase traction.

Clothing Requirements for Batsmen

Batsmen are required to wear a helmet which can sometimes have a visor attached to it.

Batsmen will also wear leg pads which are meant to protect the shin bone area. Additional equipment worn by the batsmen that can also be optional are:

  • Armguards
  • Chest guards
  • Leg guards
  • Elbow guards

Batsmen are players that are allowed to wear gloves. The gloves are designed to protect the hand against the impact from the balls.

Clothing for the Wicketkeeper

Leg pads are also worn by the wicketkeepers. These are slightly different than what the batsmen wear. Wicketkeeper gloves are also worn by these players for protection.

The most important aspect about this type of clothing is that the cricket players are compelled to wear, or that is optional is that it does not restrict their movements. Also, much of what is worn is to protect the players from injury.