Cricket Batting Tips

For those that want to become part of the game of cricket and have a particular interest in being a batsman or batswoman, there are some tips that they can put to good use.

Watch the Ball

One of the first mistakes that a new batsman makes is not keeping their eye on the ball. Most professional batsmen will tell new batsmen that this is the most important tip out of all that can be used to increase batting skills. They suggest keeping an eye on the ball from the time it is in the bowler’s hands and then track it to its completion.

The Proper Stance

Batsmen also have to take the proper stance to complete their play. Keeping in mind that the objective for the batsman is to score runs off of every ball. Undoubtedly keeping a positive attitude and making sure that the batsman’s head is slightly forward will help to position them for better success.


The batsman has to look for areas on the field where there is a possibility to score some runs. Most batsmen that are new tend to keep their eyes on the fielders rather than the open space.

One Ball at a Time

It is usual for a batsman to want to focus on scoring as many runs as possible. The professionals suggest keeping focused on each ball and each score individually.

Capitalising on Strengths

Every batsman will develop their own strengths. It is important that they remember what these are and to capitalise on them. For example, if a batsman is a front foot player, then they should focus on this.

Running into Problems

There is no doubt that every athlete will have their ups and downs and periods when their play is not going the way they want it to. Batsmen and women in cricket can lose their form temporarily. Rather than panic about this, stay calm and just go back to the basics.