Cricket Batting Tips (Part 3)

Drill 1. Stance and head position. Set position at your stance, set your chin down slightly, keep you head absolutely firmly as the bowler runs up. You must make sure your eyes widely open to give your brain accurate information to judge the length of the ball so that you can hit it right.

Drill 2. Watch the ball in the bowlers hand like a hawk when he runs up, make sure you follow it all the way, zooming in from a soft focus into a firm focus as the bowlers get into the crease.
Drill 3. Practice some throw downs with coach or teammates on front foot shots, hit the ball or leave it if it’s too wide, then approach the wicket and touch the spot with your bat where the ball bounced up from the ground. Ask your teammate if you are accurate in your judgement of following where the ball bounced. Practice to refine your concentration.

Drill 4. Working on managing your focus on the ball at the crease. Run through in your mind your normal pre – shot routine, take step back from the crease, breathe easy between each balls throwing, calm yourself and smooth your actions. Look at distance space to rest the mind, relax the body, free your mind of all the tension in the muscles of the whole body, shrug your shoulders to release tense. Take a step forward, set your position into the crease and reset your focus. Get ready and reset your intention, switching your attention back on. Switch it off and relax between balls to manage your mental energy at the crease.
You’ll find your shooting ability for front foot shots is developing by practicing these drills. As soon as you being able to master this drill, there is no doubt that your batting skills is improved as your mind has been trained significantly.