Checklist equipment in cricket

Cricket is considered as one of the best sport team in the world. It’s popular with any walk of life. Because the rule is simple, it is easy to be immersed by anyone.

In this article, we share necessary equipment you need to prepare then can start the game. Our checklist is based on requirements of the Laws of Cricket. So, you should reference if you are a beginner for cricket.

1, Cricket ball

It is a cork ball and covered by tough leather. It looks hard, so cricketer can be injured when touching it directly or strongly. So, you should be careful when accessing this ball.

On average, it has the weight from 155.9 grams to 163 grams. It’s easy to hold it fully in your hand.

According to the rule, there are two colors for cricket ball fixed in per match. in the Test cricket or the first-class match, they will use the red ball while the one-day match will be designed by the white ball. this color helps spectators to follow the process of game conveniently.

2, Cricket bat

It’s an important equipment for per cricket match. without cricket bat, you can’t control ball normally. So, some players try to learn how to use cricket bat in advance.

On average, a bat is less than 10.8 cm in width and 96 cm in length. Its weight is around from 1.2 kg to 1.4 kg.

The advice is you should use a smallest bat, so you are easy to adjust or react to it in the sudden cases.

In general, athletes take so much time to use cricket bat fluently.

3, Clothing

Players will wear uniform to distinguish members of each team. Besides it, there are some requirements for per member.

For example, all athletes need to wear a polo t-shirt and white long trouser. In case the weather is low, players are allowed to wear long sleeved polo t-shirts to keep warm more in the pitch.