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Top Cricket Batting Tips (Part 2)

Cricket Batting Tip No.8. KISS – Keep It Simple Sid ! Don’t forget that the ultimate goal is to score runs, not to get

Top Cricket Batting Tips (Part 1)

Cricket Batting Tip No.1. Of all the tips, this is the foremost important but being ignored when a batter is out in the field!

Highest Paid Cricketers in the World (Part 2)

Gautam Gambhir Total income in 2019: $4.79 Million playing for team India and Delhi Capitals The 37-year-old Indian batsman currently ranks number eighth in

Highest Paid Cricketers in the World (Part 1)

Over the years, cricket has altered greatly in terms of format, tournament, become faster, more exciting for the young audiences, and one of the

Best Cricket Coaches in the World (part 2)

Gary Kirsten Even Though he has already retired, South African cricketer and professional cricket Coach Gary Kirsten still holds the record being the players

Best Cricket Coaches in the World (Part 1)

The key to success is to be skillful and be able to perform well through the instruction from a guide, a teacher to reach

Origins of Cricket

It is believed that cricket began as early as the 13th century in which country boys bowled at a tree stump or at the

Top cricket players ( part 2)

Joe Root, England Born in 1990, Joe Root is an English right-handed batsman & Captain of the English Cricket Team, who is currently the

Top cricket players ( part 1)

Virat Kohli, India In India, Virat Kohli is considered as a God in cricket,  the brand of Indian Cricket Team & the most lovable

Cricket in Australia: Summer of Amazing Sports Moments

In Australia, summer would not be fun without cricket. Australians play cricket at all picnics. They play on the field, on the beach, on