Top the greatest cricket teams in ICC league

Cricket is a global game which is the most popular in Asian and European nations. By spreading out fast, this sport becomes more favorite

Cricket’s possible return to the Olympic Games (Part 1)

As mentioned before, cricket was added in the 1900 Paris Olympics, but that isn’t taken too seriously by fans. Why? Well, it was match

Cricket’s possible return to the Olympic Games (Part 1)

New sports are typically included in the Olympic Games seven years in advance, and the ICC is advocated for cricket’s inclusion in the 2028

Women in the game of cricket vs baseball

Women have been playing Cricket since 1745 and the first recorded Women’s Cricket Match hosted in England is between Bramley and Hambleton at Godsden

Best Cricket Team In ICC T-20 Ranking

Pakistan Pakistan cricket team finished at no.1 position in the list of best cricket teams of ICC T-20 ranking. Pakistan has played 29 matches

Best cricket teams in ICC ODI ranking

India Indian team is famous as “MEN IN BLUE” with ranking no.1 in ICC ODI list after competing 62 matches and earning 7,595 points

Best Cricket Teams of the World (Part 2)

South Africa South Africa ranks as second best cricket teams in ICC test list. In this team, there are many legendary players who form

Best Cricket Teams (Part 1)

Cricket is a stick game in which two teams of eleven best players to represent their country, compete on a cricket ground. Every team

Best Cricket Coaches in the World (Part 4)

Duncan Fletcher Former Zimbabwean cricketer and professional cricket Coach Duncan Fletcher manage Zimbabwe to championship at the 1982 ICC. He began his international managing

Best Cricket Coaches in the World (part 3)

Gary Kirsten South African cricketer and professional cricket Coach Gary Kirsten achieved the record of highest runs in a single innings in a One