Best Cricket Teams (Part 1)

Cricket is a stick game in which two teams of eleven best players to represent their country, compete on a cricket ground. Every team wishes that they get to the top in ranking. Basically, it’s a wonderful moment for every country to reach top rank in ICC Ranking. Here, in this article, we will share some best cricket teams ranked by different organizations.

Best cricket teams in ICC test ranking.


Indian team ranks on top in ICC test ranking thanks to the captaincy of Virat Kohli. Besides, Indian team achieved many other milestones with their most successful captain. In all three formats, he led the team to win 37 matches as a captain. His incredible performance inspires other young cricketers to play more like him. And soon he gets on the list of legendary cricket player although in 2018, he faced many challenges to lead Indian team to international no.1 test team. Indian team performs incredible in India tour for South Africa as Virat Kohli young team have the possibility to win every test match in 2018.
Indian team played 45 test matches and achieved over 5,400 points. Ravindra Jadeja and Ravichandran Ashwin are two Indian bowlers get to the list of top 10 test bowling ranking in which, Ravindra Jadeja ranks no.4 with 844 ratings while Ravichandran Ashwin stays at no.5 with 803 rating. In rating table, India was named at the no.1 position with 121 rating. As a batsman, Virat Kohli stays at no.2 position in ICC test batting ranking. India is also ranked as the best team in the world right now by most of the online cricket betting sites, so betting to this team to win is easy money in most of the time, but you never get in, anything can change when talking about sports.