Best Cricket Coaches in the World (Part 1)

The key to success in cricket is to be skillful, but, it is no less important to have the skill and be able to implement them well. For that, one needs a coach, a guide to hold the hand and lead the person to the right road to be able to reach the final destination. This is true in all case in life and sports. Even when we think about sports, like football or cricket, it is obvious that the role of a good teacher is absolutely undeniable. So we are summing up Best Cricket Coaches who did excellent work on changing the game of Cricket.

John Buchanan

Former coach and star cricketer John Buchanan is widely known as the best coach of cricket in history and was given the nickname Ned Flanders based on his similarity with The Simpsons character. After working as a coach of Queensland Bulls for five long years, Buchanan was asked to be the coach of the Australian cricket team in October 1999. Thanks to this smart move, the team achieved the 2003 and 2007 ICC Cricket World Cup, 2004 India Tour and their very first ICC Champions Trophy in 2006.

After he left the Australian team, he worked as the head coach of Kolkata Knight Riders till June 2009, and worked as consultant for England Cricket Team during the 2010–11 Ashes series. He also worked as the Director of Cricket for New Zealand Cricket between May 2011 and July 2013.

Bob Woolmer 

Former English professional cricketer and head coach Bob Woolmer began his coaching journey with Warwickshire County Cricket Club in 1991 where he won the Natwest Trophy in 1993. Woolmer was asked to work as the coach of South Africa in 1994 where he led the team to win 10 out of 15 Test series. He also worked as the coach of the Pakistan team in 2004 and guide them to win the ODI series right after the first season he joined the team.

Bob was awarded with the high ranking civil honor of Pakistan’s Star of Excellence for his contribution and considered as by far the best cricket coach for the Pakistan team in history. He died on 18 March 2007.