Basic Rules for Cricket

Cricket has its own distinct rules and regulations. Anyone that is thinking of participating in this particular sport should first familiarise themselves with the basic rules.

The Teams

Cricket is a team sport, and each team is made up of 11 players.

Fielding Team

The basics of the game are where the bowler of one team will bowl a ball to the batsman/batswoman of the other team. They will have the responsibility of trying to hit the ball with a cricket bat.

Fielding Team Objectives

The fielding team has the objective to get the batsman out. There are several ways that they can attempt to do this, such as:

  • When bowling with the ball hitting the wickets
  • When the batsman’s shot is on the fall catching it will put the batsman out.
  • Hitting the leg of the batsman in front of the wicket before the batsman can run to the opposite end of the pitch
  • Hitting the wickets will put the batsman out

Batsmen Objectives

The batsmen have the objective of trying to score as many runs as possible before the other team can put him out. The batsmen may be able to achieve this by:

  • Successfully hitting the ball then running between the wickets attempting to make it to the other end. The batsmen must do this before the other team’s fielders can hit the wickets with the ball.
  • The batsmen can also attempt to hit the ball to the boundary.
  • Another option is for the batsmen to score is to hit the ball over the boundary.

Each team will have their turn at batting. To get their turn, the team that is in the field has to get 10 of the batsmen out from the other team. Once they do this, they then change their positions.

The full objective of the game of cricket is to score as many runs as a team can before the opposing team can take 10 wickets.