About Us

When anyone searches the Internet with respect to learning more about sports, they will find an endless amount of information. Information that covers all types of sports. This blog has been dedicated to the game of cricket for several reasons.

The Popularity

With so many different sports being available most will have their own opinion as to what is the most popular. However, statistics to show that cricket is the second most popular sport to be enjoyed by spectators. This is one of the reasons why this blog has been dedicated to this sport. It has been designed simply to be able to provide a lot of important information to those that don’t know much about the sport as yet or have an interest in becoming more involved in it.


Being as we live in a world of modern technology, there is a heightened risk of many people not paying as much attention to sports like cricket. There are a lot of young people that don’t want to get involved in a sport for a variety of reasons.

One of these reasons can simply be because they don’t know enough about it. Cricket is a sport that has all the attributes about it that could be appealing to young people.

This blog has also been produced with the hopes of attracting more attention from those that may want to consider looking at becoming involved in a sport.

Cricket is an excellent choice because of the limited amount of equipment that is needed and the opportunity to be able to develop the skills necessary to play the game.