All About Cricket

Welcome to a very exciting site about cricket. This site is full of information for those who just want to learn more about this sport to heighten their enjoyment when watching it. Some of the topics that are covered are as follows.

About Us

Be sure to read about who we are as this outlines why we thought it was so important to create a site dedicated to the game of cricket.

Going Back in Time

To have a full appreciation of cricket, we wanted to be sure to provide a short overview of its history. This is a great starting point for those who want to know about the game.

Cricket Attire

There is a post here that gives an overview of what the various cricket players must wear as well as what is optional. This gives an interested person some idea as to what type of clothing they would have to invest in if they want to play the game on a professional level.

Tips for Batting

This is for those who are interested in becoming a cricket batsman or batswoman, this post will be interesting as it offers some simple but important tips.

Cricket Rules

The post here about cricket rules is good for both players and spectators to read. It gives a better understanding of the game.

Skill Building

There is some good information here as to what skills are needed for cricket and an exercise that can help to perfect these skills.

Reknowned Players

As a point of interest, there is a post here that highlights some of the more well-known cricket players and some of their achievements.

Types of Cricket

This is a very interesting post that outlines the different variations of cricket.

Betting and World Cup

For those who want to extend their enjoyment of cricket, they can place bets on the games and the World Cup. Here is a post here that provides more information about this.